Podcast October 4, 2022


Weitergedacht - Der Podcast

What is the state of open dialogue in this country in times of ongoing social polarisation? Have digitalisation, pressing transformation, but also the covid pandemic and isolation of recent years challenged our ability to interact with each other gravely? When we look at loneliness and our need to belong to groups, it becomes clear that a point can be crossed at which we find it extremely difficult to engage in unbiased exchange.

One's own affiliation to groups and milieus often dictates which other individuals and groups one is supposed to oppose. Especially when everyday interpersonal contact and thus the sense of community diminish, rejection can be the result and gain influence.

In a new #ThinkForward episode, host Ursula Weidenfeld discusses with guests Diana Kinnert and Bastian Berbner how this process of polarisation took place in the past and what approaches we can utilize to revive open dialogue.

Diana Kinnert is a publicist and politician (CDU) providing young, conservative perspectives on social issues. In her most recent publication 'Die neue Einsamkeit' she highlights the issue of loneliness as a contemporary phenomenon affecting society as a whole.

Bastian Berbner is a journalist, ZEIT editor and author of the book '180 degrees - stories against hate' and a podcast of the same name. He attended the German School of Journalism and has been awarded numerous prizes.

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